Concisely, we are  Leather  Engineer, Leather Products Engineer and Footwear Engineer as well as Technologist united under one roof of the ‘Leather Engineers and Technologists Society, Bangladesh (LETSB).

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At  LETSB, We are working for Today in order to make a better Tomorrow for our existing and upcoming members as well as our Nation in respect of Leather Industry.


LETSB has been explored itself internationally becoming a member of The International Union of shoe Technicians (UITIC) for representing Bangladesh. It started begining its journey with UITIC on June 1, 2016. Henceforth, LETSB and UITIC will march together with common goal and interest of shoe technology. Hopefully, the members of LETSB, especially Footwear Engineers can be facilitated by updated technology, trend, information, seminar, symposium, event through UITIC.

The leather sector itself is global yet fragmented and so far no wide-ranging initiative has been taken to defend and promote its interests. There is a chorus of criticism from pressure groups and NGOs often with an ideological axe to grind and increasing competition from materials which successfully imitate the original product. The objectives of the Leather Naturally initiative are simple:

Welcome to the colorful virtual world of the Leather Engineers and Technologists Society, Bangladesh (LETSB). We look forward you to create new ideas and concepts for the betterment of LETSB and also for a new and long healthy working association with us.

Tariqul Islam KhanPresident

We welcome you to our humble virtual home of LETSB as you enlighten our abode with your warmth visit. We wish you have a wonderful experience working together with your sportive presence and response.

Md. Terequl Islam (Lebu)General Secretary