The organization was established in 1989 in order to get united all Bangladeshi technical professionals in all branches of the Leather Industry under one roof in the name of ‘Leather Technologists Society, Bangladesh (LTSB).

As the professionals of the organization used to come from the then only academic institution ‘Bangladesh College of Leather Technology’ (BCLT) under the Faculty of Science of ‘University of Dhaka’, so was the organization formed. Then BCLT was affiliated to the Department of Engineering and Technology and later on it was merged to the University of Dhaka as an unique institute naming ‘Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology’ (ILET). Meanwhile, Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) was commenced ‘Department of Leather Engineering’ in 2010. So was the organization turned into ‘Leather Engineers and Technologists Society, Bangladesh (LETSB)’ by revising its constitution in 2010.

Henceforth, it started moving forward with this new name ‘Leather Engineers and Technologists Society, Bangladesh (LETSB)’ along with new hope and new dream.