The ‘Leather Engineers and Technologists Society, Bangladesh (LETSB)’ is none other than the bonafide organization of Leather, Footwear and Leather Products Engineers/Technologists in Bangladesh, established in 1989 and the number of members is 1225 as of January, 2016.

Some of the objectives:

Welfare: To keep reserve the interest and welfare of the members.

Competent: To enhance professional competency of the members by exchanging technology, ideas and views in relevant fields globally.

Sustainability: LETSB promotes projects and business regarding Leather, Footwear and Leather-Goods in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

Branding Bangladesh: LETSB intends to build “Branding Bangladesh” to portray a realistic image of Bangladesh Leather.

Technical Partner:

Roopokar Creative Studio

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For the ‘Leather Engineers and Technologists Society, Bangladesh (LETSB), Roopokar has done the following projects:

Group Website

5 Individual Website (Under the Group)

Customer Management Software