There are following objectives from the inception of the organization.

  • In order to enhance and update the technology for the sake of Leather Industry by exchanging views and ideas amongst members of the society.
  • To achieve technological development of the leather industry in Bangladesh.
  • To assist Govt. body for developing livestock and raw hides.
  • To encourage Govt. body to arrange necessary initiatives for the betterment of Leather Technology.
  • To enhance connectivity among the members serving in the different leather factories.
  • To publish journal, bulletin, souvenir, monthly or annual report as well as to make arrange seminar and symposium for striving leather industry.
  • To make awareness about compliance concerning environment, health and social impact in leather industry.

Additionally, the following objectives have been passed by the resolution of Executive Committee on January 5, 2016

  • WELFARE: To keep reserve the interest and welfare of the members.
  • COMPETENT: To enhance professional competency of the members by exchanging technology, ideas and views in relevant fields globally.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: LETSB promotes projects and business regarding Leather, Footwear and Leather-Goods in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner.
  • TREND: To get members introduced, informed and trained on new and trendy fashion and technology on Leather/Footwear/Leather Products.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Establishing a Technical Facility Center (TFC) having Technical, Mechanical and Job-Work facilities. Where members can learn technical know-how pragmatically as well as make small quantity of goods commercially. Thus a member can turn into Entrepreneur.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Working together with relevant Organizations, Associations and Societies in home and abroad for the betterment of Leather Sector.
  • EVENT: To organize technical seminar, symposium, discussion with technically sound Persons/Organizations/Institutions.
  • COMPLIANCE: To make awareness about compliance on Chemical, Environmental and Social aspects in Leather Industry.
  • ASSISTANCE: To assist Government Bodies, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) providing authentic technical support and information.
  • PROJECT: Arranging various projects for the sake of Leather Sector.
  • TRAINING: To arrange training programs for workers focusing proper Chemical Application, Mechanical Operation and its Safety, Protection and Remedy in Leather Sector
  • PUBLICATION: Publishing souvenir, bulletin, magazine regarding Bangladesh and World Leather
  • BRANDING Bangladesh: LETSB intends to build “Branding Bangladesh” to portray a realistic image of Bangladesh Leather.